we love to point

With the pointing season looming it gets me thinking of the amazing sport that we are involved in and how I am passionate about sharing it and welcoming more people in.

I work for so many national hunt owners who know very little about our sport and can consider it to be second rate racing. The prize money situation is a huge problem but a pill we have to swallow and to understand why it is that way.

Pointing is not a second rate sport – we need decent horses and talented riders to compete at the top level. I love the sport as you probably have worked out by now!…the team work, the camaraderie and our wonderful close and supportive community. Celebrate whether win lose or draw is our motto! We sometimes celebrate just getting the horse to the track because quite often we are training ‘other people’s problems’, horses with issues (mental or physical) and with many of them it is an achievement just to get them to the paddock! There are many links to national hunt racing and over the recent seasons many stars, equine and human, have graduated to the under rules game.

Paul Miller (owner and friend of the yard) and I are striving to get more people involved and are welcoming more visitors to the yard to see the horses, learn more about pointing and hopefully join in the fun on some level. This season we have launched a Membership Club and we have tried to cater for all levels of interest to increase involvement and accessibility. Our syndicate horse this year is Reality Bites, aka Reggie, you can find out more details again on the join our club page of the website.

This Saturday from 9am we will be galloping horses, Reggie included, and we would love to welcome anyone who is interested. Please get in touch if you would like to come along.

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