schooling and

A big part of our business is pre-trainers and we have seen many racehorses through the yard for various levels of training. We really enjoy following the careers of every horse on the track and we work closely with trainers and owners to produce a programme specific to every horse. We take a traditional and holistic approach, with various work facilities to suit, including lots of road work. 

Included in our pre-training regime we incorporate flat work and jump schooling as individually required. It is Claire’s firm belief that show jumping and grid work is an essential tool in helping racehorses think for themselves and get focussed, which is invaluable when they get to the racecourse.

We step up the work gradually but always try to have a horse further forward than trainers expect, allowing the trainer to back off initially and allow the horse to settle in to its routine. We are fortunate to have the riders and resources and have built a brilliant team to get horses to whatever stage they need to be at when starting back in training.