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One of our favourite parts of the job is the breakers, especially the ones we see through pre-training and on to the racecourse. Each breaker is an individual with different speeds of learning and the thing we really enjoy is getting inside their heads and reading the signs. We also have excellent facilities for sales preparation for horses of all ages and disciplines.

A big part of our business is pre-trainers. We have seen approximately 100 racehorses through the yard over the first 5 years at Fern Farm for various levels of training. We really enjoy following the careers of every horse on the track and we work closely with trainers and owners to produce a strategic pre-training programme individually tailored to every horse.

We have had many successful ‘return to the track’ post-injury cases out of Fern Farm. We have large stables for box-rest for immediate aftercare and larger pens for when more space is required. Plus a horse-walker, small paddocks, safe hacking, a school and the patience, attention and individual care that any rehabilitation requires.

We are very fortunate here to have approximately 350 acres of quality grass-keep and the ideal stabling facilities for summer and winter. This includes all year-round holiday turnout, with day and night care options.